Popit Helps You Minimize Birth Control Pill Side Effects

Popit is the off switch to your birth control worries

  • Minimize side effects caused by inconsistent pill use
  • Connects to most pill blisters
  • Only reminds you when you’ve forgotten the pill
  • Keeps you on track so pill efficiency is maximized

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Alerts Don’t Work, Popit Does.

Increase your pill power.

Once alarms become routine, they’re not all that helpful. Popit isn’t another alarm notification that you’ll learn to ignore. Snoozing and forgetting later, no more.

Popit is connected to your actual pills, so it notifies you automatically when you didn’t take a pill, forming the habit of taking them at the exact same time every day.

How does it work? Popit can detect when you took the pill with the help of patented technology and several sensors.

9% Chance of Pregnancy with pills

When used inconsistently

That’s what typical ‘forget-once-in-a-while’ birth control pills stats look like.
Perfect use takes that number down to just 0.3%. *
Forgetting even once a month seriously raises your chances of pregnancy.

Besides maximizing how well the birth control works, studies also indicate that taking birth control perfectly can help minimize its side effects, such as intermenstrual spotting. **


Typical, imperfect use. This is the norm.



Perfect oral contraceptive use.

That’s a 30x chance of getting pregnant

* Trussell J. Contraceptive failure in the United States. Contraception. 2011;83(5):397-404. doi:10.1016/j.contraception.2011.01.021.

** Waugh, Michael S, et al. “Use and Misuse of Oral Contraceptives: Risk Indicators for Poor Pill Taking and Discontinuation.” Contraception Journal, vol. 51, no. 5, 1 May 1995, pp. 283–288., doi:10.1016/0010-7824(95)00074-k.

Popit Sense Features


Insights and analytics on pill taking history

Automatically tracks pill intake seamlessly – no need for manual input to check later

Portable & small, strong grip that works with any blister pill pack.

Long lasting battery

Popit’s Smart Alerts

Only alerts you if you’ve forgotten to take your pill, not another routine buzz you forget

‘Running low on pills’ alert

Have a friend or loved ones alerted when a pill is missed

In Stunning Colors

Popit Colors

How Popit Keeps You On Track

Step 1

Snap Popit onto your pill blister pack, like a clip-on

Step 2

Tell the app which pills you take. Popping a pill will automatically update the app

Step 3

Popit keeps you on track with friendly alerts and notifications

That’s It.

You’re Ready to Maintain & Strengthen Control.

Pre-order now for $59 (30% OFF)
Shipping is included in the price!