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With experience on the decision-making processes of over 50 pharmaceutical companies, we at Popit can help you implement your digitalization strategy.

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Smart medication adherence solution


Improved Patient Care Through Better Adherence

Bringing attention to adherence and ensuring that patients take medications according to prescription is one of the most fundamental things in making medication work.

In addition to providing a channel to communicate with the patient, Popit’s solution provides an 81% reduction in the number of missed medications and enables a 40% shorter med-taking time window.

These contributions to adherence and engagement result in improved patient care and better treatment outcomes.

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Make Your Company’s Digitalization Strategy Real

Popit makes a positive difference. We help you turn your digitalization strategy into practice so that your organization can gain a competitive edge through better customer retention and additional earnings.

Our mission is to make medication connected. We can’t wait to work with you to make that happen.


Unique And Tested Solution

Popit is a clinically tested, stable solution with unique and patented technology.

Our processes have been audited by some of the world’s largest pharmaceutical companies.

Users Love Popit

Before Popit, I was always wondering if I had taken my medicine or not. With Popit, I get certainty and peace of mind.

– Johanna


Reach The Patient And Gain Insights

Popit’s solution is paving the way for connected medication on a massive scale. To fully leverage the trend and provide better outcomes for patients, Popit Cloud provides a unique real-time view on how medication is taken.

Get data delivered to your own cloud via our API or receive periodical reports from us, it’s up to you.


Popit’s Platform Can Be Easily Adapted

Thanks to its onboard sensors and the flexible platform, Popit’s solution can be used for a variety of industries, such as Logistics and Industrial Measurements.

In logistics Popit can help reveal blind spots in the supply chain by monitoring vibration, incorrect transit temperatures and violent unloading.

With industrial measurements Popit’s platform offers an easy solution to gather data from legacy equipment. Data drives factories and efficient operations, but not all machinery is equipped with sensors.


Gain Insights And Access Patients

Popit Cloud provides real-time information on how medications are taken. With medications being researched or already on the market, use it to understand what needs to be done to improve patient outcomes.

  • How to onboard patients on the medication
  • How to motivate patients taking the medication
  • When do patients drop out of treatment
  • When to switch to something else if necessary


Pilot With Popit

With experience from over 50 pharmaceutical companies’ decision making processes, we at Popit are able to help you all the way from small scale pilots to an integrated solution.

We are happy to share what we’ve learned on the intricacies of pushing innovation across organizational boundaries in the pharmaceutical industry and outside of it.

To start, we’ve collected a package of answers to the most frequently asked questions from different departments of the organisation. Get in touch to receive your copy.


Popit’s Platform Works In Logistics

Every year goods worth over $100Bn are mishandled or damaged.

If you have data on what has exactly happened with your cargo, it is easier to pinpoint where and how the damage has occurred. Popit can provide you with the data.

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