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Popit is a pioneering company with expertise in sensors, embedded electronics, medtech and telehealth. We make the future.

Having won several innovation awards internationally, Popit is moving ahead full steam with a solution with multiple non-pharmaceutical uses, as well as significant opportunity in the medtech space.

Popit is located in Finland, home to a plethora of innovative startups.

Open position: iOS & Android developer

Well hello! We are looking for an experienced iOS & Android mobile developer to join our team. Actually “mobile developer” is bit of an understatement. You will be doing a lot more than that by being part of the team. Additional tasks include, but are not limited to: providing feedback to oddball marketing ideas, telling […]

Novartis And Popit Enter Into International Collaboration Agreement

The Finnish startup’s platform can improve medication adherence and help engage patients by using innovative technology HELSINKI, FINLAND, NOVEMBER 20, 2019 The pharmaceutical company Novartis and Finnish MedTech startup Popit have entered into an international collaboration agreement. The goal of Popit’s patient support solution to improve patient adherence and engagement. Popit’s mobile app tracks medication […]

Popit Sense Features. Pill Reminder, Pill Tracker.

Study Shows Popit Reduces Number of Missed Pills By Over 80%

Results from a clinical study highlight a significant medication adherence improvement in patients using a novel reminder solution, consisting of a pill tracker and an app. The pill reminder solution was able to reduce number of missed pills by over 80%.

Meet the team

Teemu Piirainen

CEO & Founder

Over 20 years of experience in health care technology as well as mobile and web services.

Marko Nirhola

Chief Engineer & Founder

Over 15 years of experience in design of embedded HW & SW products and solutions.

Timo Heikkilä

Customer acquisition & Founder

Over 14 years of experience in Business development, customer acquisition, innovation.

Janne Sahlman

Medical & Founder

M.D. Ph.D, Kuopio University Hospital (+11 years of experience in patient care and medical research)

Contact details

Teemu Piirainen, CEO
tel. +358 44 222 6666
email. teemu[at]popit.io

Popit Ltd.
Metsänneidonkuja 6
02130 Espoo, Finland

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