What Is An Anxiety Attack

Everyone experiences anxiety (worry over a potential future event or its outcome) in some form or another. Anxiety, however, takes different forms, and people cope with various magnitudes of anxiety, ranging from normal experiences to anxiety disorders. When anxiety reaches a certain degree, symptoms of anxiety become so extreme that anxiety turns into an acute panic attack. By understanding the difference between […]

What Is An Anxiety Disorder?

As humans, we evolved to experience fear and anxiety during dangerous, potentially life threatening situations. Thanks to fear, people (and other animals) instinctively know to react with a fight or flight response to potential dangers, like grizzly bears, cliff precipices, burning buildings and tornados. Experiencing anxiety when faced with a situation which could truly be dangerous is completely […]

what is hypothyroidism signs you have it

What Is Hypothyroidism? 10 Signs You May Have It

In order to understand the answer to the question, “What is hypothyroidism?” you need a basic understanding of the thyroid gland and how it regulates your body. Your body contains many glands, and they are all responsible for regulating different systems throughout the body. Shaped like a butterfly, the thyroid gland is located at the base […]

5 Tips On How To Deal With Hypothyroidism

In addition to dealing with the unpleasant symptoms of living with an underactive thyroid gland, a lengthy process of finding the right treatment regimen (and sticking with it for life) follows an underactive thyroid diagnosis. The following five tips on how to deal with hypothyroidism will help you get on the right track for enjoying a lifetime of good health and happiness. […]

Starting Thyroid Medication? Here’s What To Expect

Medication for hypothyroidism (underactive thyroid) aims to balance the amount of thyroid stimulating hormone (THS) inside your body and as a result, restore your body’s hormones and metabolism to normal levels. Hypothyroidism, however, has no one-size-fits-all treatment plan. Determining the best medication for a patient and the right dose requires patients to work with their doctors through […]

how to take thyroid medication

How To Best Take Medication For Hypothyroidism

When starting hypothyroid treatment, your doctor should talk with you about how to take thyroid medication. Sticking with the following dos and don’ts will put you on the fast track to feeling better. How to Take Thyroid Medication: 5 Best Practices 1. Double Check the Pharmacist Although pharmacies must adhere to high standards, pharmacists still sometimes make […]

how to deal with anxiety

How To Deal With Anxiety – Effective Strategies for a Healthy, Happy Life

Individuals living with severe anxiety do not have to let their anxiety disorders control their lives or live in fear of triggers and panic attacks. They can learn how to deal with anxiety and break free by working with a doctor and/or therapist and practicing at-home strategies for stress management. Talk with your healthcare professional about […]

starting anxiety medication

Starting Anxiety Medication? Here’s What to Expect

Starting an anxiety medication should not cause a patient more anxiety. Knowing what is an anxiety attack and what is an anxiety disorder and what to expect when starting anxiety medication, however, can make the process less intimidating and help patients achieve the best possible treatment outcomes. 7 Considerations When Starting Anxiety Medication Do not get discouraged if […]

how to take anxiety disorder medication

How To Take Anxiety Disorder Medication

Anxiety disorders, the most common mental illness in the United States, affect roughly 40 million adults, according to the Anxiety and Depression Association of America. Before starting a new prescription, ask your doctor how to take anxiety disorder medication to achieve the best possible outcome. With so many sufferers, several types of medications are now available […]

how is depression treated

How Is Depression Treated?

When a person feels depressed, the ideas of ever getting better or ever wanting to participate in life again can seem like impossible pipe dreams. This sensation of complete hopelessness is just one of the severe symptoms associated with depression, and too often it prevents people with depression from seeking the treatment and help needed to overcome […]