Popit has released a platform enhancement to remotely and in real-time track medication consumption in studies with oral solid medications.

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Popit Is A Unique Solution For Medication Research

Popit’s platform makes medication connected. Improve adherence, access your patients and understand remotely in real-time how medication is taken.

The solution has been clinically validated to reduce missed medications by over 80% (DOI: 10.15761/COGRM.1000217).

Smart medication adherence solution


Popit Sense Registers Medications Automatically – Making It Ideal For Remote Studies

Popit Sense uses patented sensor technology to detect medication extraction. The patient does not have to remember to mark a pill as taken. No more pen and paper.

The inexpensive device is connected to the app via Bluetooth Low Energy. Because of this the device battery life is superb – Up to 12 months.

After that just replace the coin cell battery and keep going.


The App Reminds If Doses Are Missed

Popit’s app keeps track of medications taken. It reminds only if doses have been missed.

With a History view that our users really love, the patient can see their past doses at a glance.

The app can be disabled and enabled remotely, in case you would like to compare behavior with or without reminders.

The Popit App is already available in 14 languages and counting. Translating it is fast and efficient. Current languages are EN, DE, IT, JP, ES, FR, FI, SE, NO, NL, HU, PT, PT-BR, GR.


Popit Cloud Provides Insights Into Medication Use

Identify remotely in real-time how medications are taken by analyzing the information gathered in Popit Cloud. Data can also be downloaded as CSV exports.

Send customized push messages directly to your patients based on adherence and stage of treatment journey.

Gain real-world data on a massive scale at an accessible cost.


Adherence Reduces Hospital Visits By Up To 10%

Hospital admissions associated with medication non-adherence are common.

In fact, up to 10% of hospitalizations are due to poor adherence (DOI: 10.1136/bmjqs-2017-007453).

Any healthcare system could do without this avoidable burden right now.


Popit Delivers A Complete Adherence Solution

Each patient is provided with a Popit Sense device that is paired with the Popit App, available from Apple App Store, Google Play Store, and Huawei AppGallery.

The Popit Sense package contains the device, a battery, a user guide and a quick start guide. It’s ready for use.

Upon starting, patients can optionally receive regular messages that motivate and educate about the study and adherence.

You can use the messaging platform we’ve developed together with leading pharmaceutical companies or easily define your own custom messages relevant to your research.

Users love Popit

Before Popit, I was always wondering if I had taken my medicine or not. With Popit, I get certainty and peace of mind.

– Johanna, 50


With Popit, you can

Monitor on-time dosing

Know how patients have taken medications. Get time-stamped data for each patient ID individually.

Increase adherence

Study results may suffer from poor adherence. Use Popit to improve how patients take doses.

Communicate towards patients

Send automated or ad-hoc messages to patients to educate, motivate or activate.


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