Every year goods worth over $100Bn are mishandled or damaged. Vibration, incorrect transit temperatures or violent unloading wreak havoc on your shipments and open disputes with the client or insurance company that take resources and time.

If you have data on what has exactly happened with your cargo, it is easier to pinpoint where and how the damage has occurred. Shipment-specific data is also vital in taking your supply chain to the next level!

Premium Supply Chain Tracking

Popit has created a unique, low-cost solution that you can include with each shipment. It consists of a small tracker called Popit Sense, an API, and a cloud. We provide you with the tools to integrate the solution onto your existing app.

Enable tracking for each shipment

During picking and loading the warehouse personnel can easily attach Popit Sense devices onto critical shipments.

Find out behind the link how the innovative Popit Sense device can support your supply chain.

Read data upon arrival

Read results in seconds via Bluetooth LE upon receipt of the shipment. No contact with cargo is required.

If there are anomalies, the recipient can easily forward the information onto further processing.


All shipment data in one view

The cloud service is one compact dashboard. You can easily follow all shipments in a single place.

Get notified about units that are out-of-spec upon unloading. Available as a monthly service or via API.

Popit Sense

Popit Sense is a unique sensor package that helps reveal blind spots in the supply chain.

It has three onboard sensors to detect movement, vibration and touch. There’s an option for ambient temperature sensing and a magnetic switch. Data is readable through a Bluetooth connection.

Popit Sense devices come with a unique attachment method, if you wish to clip it on to packaging.

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