Industrial Measurement

Data drives factories and efficient operations, but not all machinery is equipped with sensors.

Popit’s platform offers an easy solution to gather data from legacy equipment.

Track movement, acceleration and even vibration accurately with a minimal set of hardware and your smartphone.

Popit’s Platform Can Be Used With Any Machinery

The solution we’ve developed can be applied to virtually any type of machine that you want to track for movement, acceleration or vibration, so you can track need for calibration or potential future breakage.

The platform consists of the Popit Sense device, an application, and Popit’s cloud interface. 

Popit enables you to remotely and cost-efficiently track movement, acceleration and even vibration accurately and without expensive equipment investments.

Measure With Ease

Thanks to a unique attachment method and an onboard piezo sensor, Popit Sense can easily gather vibration data. 

The device is also equipped to track movement, acceleration and ambient temperature changes.

Real-Time Data

Read results in real-time via the Bluetooth LE connection. No contact with machinery is required.

If there are anomalies, it is possible to easily forward the information onto further processing.


Data In One View

The cloud service offers a compact dashboard. You can easily follow all sensors through a single interface.

Get notified if there are units that are out-of-spec or outside own targets. Available as a monthly service or through an API.

Popit Sense

Popit Sense is a unique sensor package that helps get a deeper look at your legacy machinery.

It has onboard sensors to detect movement, acceleration, vibration and capacitance change. There’s an option for ambient temperature sensing and a magnetic switch.

Popit Sense devices come with a unique attachment method, if you wish to clip it on to heavy equipment to record vibration profiles. Anomalies in the profiles are usually telltale signs of machinery breakdown risk.

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