According to the WHO, 50% of medications in the world are not taken correctly.

This non-adherence causes significant challenges for the industry, society and payers.

Most importantly patients are not getting the best possible treatment outcomes.

Improve Adherence And Reach Patients With Popit

Popit Sense device and the Popit app can be used to support and engage the patient with smart reminders and customized support messages. Popit is already using the solution with some of the world’s largest pharmaceutical companies.

The solution has validated impact. A study done together with a leading university hospital in Finland highlighted that Popit Sense and the app were able to reduce missed doses by over 80%. Patients also became more consistent with medication-taking timings.

Clip it on

Use Popit Sense for medication blisters to detect when medications are taken.

No modifications needed to the packaging.

Reach the patient

Smart reminders to improve adherence. Support onboarding & educate with cloud messages.

Registered as a Medical Device (FDA).


Messaging & data

Cloud for real-time data on consumption. Send timely patient messages based on adherence & stage.

API for integration.

Popit Sense

Popit Sense can be used to track how medications are taken. By using the onboard sensors to detect when and how the medication blister is handled, Popit’s proprietary algorithm decides if a medication was taken or not.

The device works in conjunction with a medically certified app Popit has developed. The solution comes complete with a cloud service that allows analyzing anonymous medication consumption habits. There is also a possibility to send messages from the cloud to engage the users.

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