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Founded in 2017, we are a leading provider of digital medication adherence platform.

Having won several innovation awards internationally, Popit has been working with several major international pharmaceutical companies to improve adherence for their medication brands.

Popit is located in Finland, home to a plethora of innovative startups and advanced clinical research.

Popit Sense smart medication tracking solution

How it started

It started from a real life challenge.

One of Popit’s co-founders, a doctor by profession, witnessed the burden of negative health outcomes and increased costs brought by medication non-adherence throughout his practice.
The initial founders got together and came up with the idea that digitised medication could be a way to improve medication adherence, while also providing valuable insight to the pharmaceutical industry.
This is how Popit was founded, out of the passion to tackle the issue of medication non-adherence and lack of valuable information on medication intake.
Our story
Our mission

Our mission

From analog to digital. We make medication connected.

Our job is to provide simple and easy-to-use universal tools to patients and to offer valuable data to build better healthcare ecosystem. We change the way how we take medications!

Our values

Patients at the core. Without patients who are our ultimate end users, there’s no business for us. We put our feet in patients’ shoes and all else will follow.

Continuous learning. We keep an open mind to learn new things and deepen existing knowledge. Making a mistake is ok but we make sure we learn from it.

Trust. We trust each other and we are empowered to decide how to get sh!t done.

Diversity. Because a diverse team simply performs better. We celebrate our differences and embrace inclusive culture.

Our values

Diversity, inclusion and equity at Popit

For creating a workplace where everyone is valued as their authentic selves and can perform at its best

We strive to attract and retain great people from a wide variety of backgrounds, not just because it’s the right thing to do, but because it makes our team stronger. We encourage diverse views that enable our employees to bring their true selves to work and reach their full potentials.

We welcome the unique and the best contribution that you can bring regardless of your ethnicity, nationality, gender, sexual orientation, age, religion, disability and political inclination.

Furthermore, it is our strategic intent to distinguish ourselves as a leading opportunity provider for women in tech and we will seek out individuals with strong industry-relevant experience. Our goal is to have at least 30% female representation among employees and executives. Our recruitment performance in terms of gender balance will be measured against this goal.


News from Popit

Popit Sense Features. Pill Reminder, Pill Tracker.

Study Shows Popit Reduces Number of Missed Pills By Over 80%

Results from a clinical study highlight a significant medication adherence improvement in patients using a novel reminder solution, consisting of a pill tracker and an app. The pill reminder solution was able to reduce number of missed pills by over 80%.
Popit Sense

Popit Raises €1.2M Seed Financing To Quantify Medication

Butterfly Ventures as the lead investor, funding used for bringing…


Meet our team

Timo Heikkilä

Timo Heikkilä

CEO & Co-founder

Over 15 years of experience in Business development, customer acquisition, innovation.

Teemu Piirainen

Teemu Piirainen

Lead developer & Co-founder

Over 20 years of experience in health care technology as well as mobile and web services.

Marko Nirhola

Marko Nirhola

Chief Engineer & Co-Founder

Over 15 years of experience in design of embedded HW & SW products and solutions.

Ikue Valovirta

Ikue Valovirta

Market Operations Manager

Over 15 years of experience in IT project management, marketing and communication.

Janne Sahlman

Janne Sahlman

Medical & Co-founder

M.D. Ph.D, Kuopio University Hospital (+13 years of experience in patient care and medical research)


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