Popit introduces a smart birth control pill reminder and starts pilot

The pill reminder solves a problem over 80% of women on the pill have.

Helsinki, Finland, May 9th 2016Popit Medical Technologies, a Finnish startup focusing on medical technology solutions, introduces a smart pill reminder device called Popit Sense for the over 100 million women on the birth control pill. The pioneering device solves a problem over 80% of women using the pill have – how to reliably remember to take your pill each and every day.

The small easy-to-use device attaches to the birth control pill sheet and automatically detects when a pill has been popped. This information is collected into an app that allows tracking of birth control effectiveness, remaining pills, and patterns concerning contraceptive use. It also reminds the user if it looks like a pill might be forgotten, making needless alerts a thing of the past.

Teemu Piirainen, Popit Medical Technologies’ CEO highlights the profound impact of such a device on medical adherence, an issue that’s responsible for hundreds of billions in annual productivity losses globally: “We are on a mission to digitize medicine and are starting by supporting the birth control pill users. Our research shows over 80% of women on the birth control pill have forgotten to take it at least once during the last year and over 40% rely on their memory alone. Many people don’t know it, but the typical birth control pill use with occasional forgetfulness raises the risk of unintended pregnancy from less than 1% all the way to 9%.”

This means one million unintended pregnancies occur every year as a result of poor adherence in the US alone. Additionally the forgetfulness causes anxiety and needless stress. With a battery life of 12 months, Popit Sense requires minimal attention but still helps maintain maximal birth control efficiency. Its small size makes it discreet, and the built-in intelligence combined with proprietary technology ensures pills are never forgotten again.

Popit Medical Technologies also sees tremendous untapped opportunity in reminding the users of chronic disease medication, such as hypertension and type II diabetes, to take all prescribed pills. The solution also offers unprecedented information in near-real-time on how pills are actually taken. This previously inaccessible data is especially interesting to the pharmaceutical industry.

While the smart pill reminder will be available in Q4 2016, Popit Medical Technologies is preparing to launch a crowdfunding campaign this summer and are right now starting a pilot with test users to make the device and app perfect. It is still possible to sign up for the pilot by contacting the company through their web page, www.popit.io.

About Popit Medical Technologies:

Popit is a pioneer in improving patient adherence through smart consumer devices. The Company is dedicated to improving adherence by digitizing medicine, a major opportunity that offers benefits for pharmaceutical companies and consumers alike. Popit is planning to expand support to other major medication groups like hypertension, cholesterol and allergy, which combined have an addressable market of over 1 billion users. For more information like videos and product images, please visit popit.io.

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Media contact:
Teemu Piirainen, CEO
+358 44 222 6666

Twitter: https://twitter.com/popitmed
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/popitmed
Youtube: Popit Smart Pill Reminder

Link to press kit: Download zip file

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