Popit Sense is a

Unique Sensor Platform


Low-cost, reusable hardware you can trust.

Includes patented technology to detect package openings.

Customize it to your liking with our development support.


Secure attachment

Thanks to an innovative mechanism, Popit Sense can robustly and discreetly be attached to boxes or any kinds of strips.

Have a not-so-ordinary packaging? We’ll customize the attachment.


Smart detection

Three onboard sensors to detect movement, vibration and touch, ready for you to leverage.

Option for a magnetic switch and for measuring ambient temperature changes.


Easy data gathering

Popit can provide a ready-made platform for capturing data from Popit Sense or the accompanying app.

If you already have a cloud, use our API to forward all gathered data.


Durable battery

Popit Sense has an operating time of up to a year with a single coin cell battery. The battery can easily be changed.

Power consumption can be further optimized once we know your use case.


Functional buttons

Popit Sense comes equipped with two buttons, one on the top and one on the side.

Both buttons are configurable and their usage can be tracked.


Customize it

Popit Sense is available in a variety of colors and can be customized in many ways.

Want your brand color and logo on top? No problem, we can make that happen.


Vast majority of solid drugs in the world are packaged in blisters, but there are no feasible ways to sense when medications are taken from them, until now.

Learn more about how Popit has used the platform to improve treatment outcomes.


Popit helps reveal blind spots in the supply chain by monitoring vibration, incorrect transit temperatures and violent unloading.

Industrial Measurement

Data drives factories and efficient operations, but not all machinery is equipped with sensors.

Popit’s platform offers an easy solution to gather data from legacy equipment.

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