Welcome to the Popit community. Let’s get started!

Once you have Popit Sense and your medication, you are all set to start using Popit Smart Medication Reminder.  Follow the instructions below to complete the setup.

Pre-setup: A few things before getting started:

Have Popit Sense ready

An innovative sensor to track sound, movement and touch.


Your prescribed medicines

The majority of blisters available in the market work with Popit Sense.


Your mobile phone

Make sure your phone is connected to Wi-Fi and Bluetooth is on.

Now let’s start!

#1: Download the Popit App.

Apple App Store banner
Popit app on Google Play

Once downloaded, simply follow the in-app tutorial video and start connecting your first medication!

#2: Pair Popit Sense with your phone.

Follow our in-app tutorial video, and connect Popit Sense with your phone via Bluetooth.

Connect Popit Sense and phone

#3: Attach Popit Sense to medication blister.

Make sure that Popit Sense is securely attached to the blister. You can check it by pulling the blister and attached Popit Sense from both sides. By securely attaching it, Popit Sense can sense the pill extraction more accurately.

Congratulations, you’ve just connected your medication!

Great stuff! From now on, Popit will automatically track your medication-taking. If you miss a dose, Popit will remind you. Say bye to missed pills!

How to get started with Popit!

Popit supports your treatment journey

Seamless tracking

Monitors and tracks your medication intake with a sensor device, and your pill habit is automatically synced with the app.

Reduce missed doses

Popit is clinically validated to reduce missed medications by over 80%.

Peace of mind

Reminders come only when you missed a dose. Put an end to reminder fatigue.

Need help?

We compiled some of the typical issues that may happen during the setup. Tap on the title to expand the item.

Please check:

  • Is the phone’s Bluetooth on?
  • Has Bluetooth access been allowed on the app?
  • Did you give a long press (more than 2 seconds) to Popit Sense’s side button when the app was searching for the device?
  • If the device still does not pair, wait for about 30 seconds and try again.
  • You can also try taking the battery out once and put it back in and try the steps again.

You can cancel any extra entries manually on the app.

On the app’s home view, tap your medication card, and tap on the trash bin icon or Cancel button next to the extra entry.

Yes, but while on the go, we strongly recommend that the blister sheet and Popit Sense are kept in the Smart Sleeve. The Smart Sleeve is an optional product and it may be included in the medication starter package. In case you do not have one and are interested in getting one, please contact us at reachout@popit.io.

Popit Smart Sleeve is used for protecting the blister and device when carrying it in a pocket or inside a bag.

Here’s how it works. When Popit Sense is inside the sleeve, a sensor tells the device to go to sleep so it does not detect unnecessary tremor, touch, or movement while moving around. The device (attached to blister) should be inserted all the way inside the Smart Sleeve so the device’s battery cover touches a small magnet in the sleeve. Please note that the device needs to be facing the same direction with the sleeve’s logo (=up). When the device with medications is inserted into the sleeve correctly, you will hear a single beep indicating that the device is “home”.

When Popit Sense is inside the sleeve correctly as instructed above, it also saves the battery.

Check FAQ for more info