Popit and Ashfield Engage Partner To Improve Patient Adherence

Ashfield Engage and Popit partner to improve patient adherence through supplemental real-time personalized support.

Ashfield Engage, part of UDG Healthcare plc, today announces it has partnered with Popit, a digital health company, to improve patient adherence in oral solid dosage (OSD) treatments and advance supplemental personalized patient support.

The collaboration brings together Popit’s novel monitoring technology, and Ashfield Engage’s patient support programs, to proactively respond to patients’ needs and tailor their reminders accordingly.

The Popit Sense™ device is attached to a pill sheet and uses patented technology to monitor missed doses and send alerts to patients via a smartphone app. The data is also transmitted to healthcare providers and support partners such as Ashfield Engage. Now enriched with this real-time data, Ashfield Engage can easily identify which patients require extra support.

As well as providing support through the app, Ashfield Engage will leverage its expert call center teams to reach out to patients to discuss any challenges with their medication.

We can engage with patients in a way that was previously not possible.

Ian Riches, Global Vice President, Patient Solutions at Ashfield Engage, explained:

“Prior to Popit’s technology, a large group of OSD patients were not getting the support they needed. While the majority of patients are adherent, those with a need for support can now be quickly identified and we can engage with them in a way that was previously not possible, which is really exciting.

“While typically patient data is only collected up to the point of prescription, we can now support patients throughout their treatment in real-time. By partnering with Popit we have a digital solution that enables rapid, personalized support to increase patient adherence and significantly improve patients’ health and wellbeing in the long term.”

Popit Sense technology is already being leveraged by many large pharmaceutical organizations, including Pfizer, Almirall and Novartis.

We see this as a really important step towards building better, more connected healthcare solutions that truly benefit patients’ health.

Timo Heikkilä, COO and Co-Founder of Popit, added: “Our solution provides a wealth of invaluable data for healthcare providers, and pharmaceutical organizations and we have seen excellent results following its adoption.

“By partnering with Ashfield Engage, we can now advance that service, and provide not only the data, but the direct follow up support to those patients in need. We are thrilled about this collaboration and look forward to supporting the large patient population reliant on OSD treatments. We see this as a really important step towards building better, more connected healthcare solutions that truly benefit patients’ health.”

To find out more about how Ashfield Engage and Popit Sense can benefit your organization, your product and your patients, visit: https://ashfieldengage.com/

To learn more about Popit, visit: https://popit.io/.

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About Popit

Popit is a pioneer in improving patient adherence through smart consumer devices. The Company is dedicated to improving adherence by digitalizing medication, a major opportunity that benefits patients, patient support programs, healthcare payors and the pharmaceutical industry. Popit works with the world’s leading pharmaceutical companies in executing against this vision.

For more information, go to https://popit.io/

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