How Women Use Birth Control Pills

Results from a survey for 500 women

Earlier this year we did a study in the US with 500 women using birth control pills. The results were quite surprising and we compiled some of the findings into the infographic below.

One of the most striking things was that 79% of women mentioned they had forgotten the pill at least once during the last 12 months. This number may actually in reality be even higher since people tend to remember things a bit more favorably than how they actually happened.

Another thing that stuck with us was how many rely on their memory, smartphone alarm or an app. These methods seemed to have their flaws, as we also noticed that more than 1 woman in 12 mentioned they may have experienced an unintended pregnancy due to forgetting  a pill.

When used correctly the pill is almost 100% effective, but with occasional forgetfulness the efficiency drops to about 91%. This seems to be in line with our findings, so do take care to remember the daily pill.

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