Finnish startup company Popit has received a significant investment from corporate management consulting firm Seedi Solutions Agency. In addition to the financial aspect, the investment includes management consulting.

Popit is a startup founded in 2015 that has developed a unique solution, that can be used for example for monitoring medication intake and supporting patient care. The solution consists of a small device, a mobile application and a cloud service. In healthcare Popit’s solution is capable of delivering significant public health and economic benefits. According to the WHO, 50% of prescribed medications are not taken. Missing medications prolongs the patients’ healing process and places unnecessary burden on public health care, causing unnecessary costs.

According to a 2018 study by Kuopio University Hospital and Popit, Popit’s solution resulted in an 81% reduction in the amount of prescribed medicines not used by patients and a three-fold increase in medication intake accuracy. Accurate timing of medication intake is very important in many diseases and an essential part of optimizing the effect of the medication.

Popit has already acquired as clients two of the world’s largest pharmaceutical companies, US-based Pfizer and Novartis from Switzerland. Popit previously completed a successful financing round in 2017, raising financing from the Finnish Funding Agency for Technology and Innovation (formerly Tekes) and investment company Butterfly Ventures.

Seedi Solutions Agency’s Managing Director Marko Parkkinen comments on the investment: “We are very impressed with and convinced of the expertise of Popit’s management, and in particular their passionate attitude to drive the company forward. We believe in the huge market potential of Popit’s solution, both in the domestic and international markets.”

Teemu Piirainen, Popit’s CEO, is excited about starting a partnership with Seedi Solutions Agency and Marko Parkkinen: “We are particularly excited about Marko Parkkinen’s pragmatic business development expertise. Marko is undoubtedly one of Finland’s leading marketing and digitization professionals. Our vision is to digitize medication, and Marko’s expertise will provide additional leverage for this journey.”

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For further information on the investment, please contact:
Timo Heikkilä, COO, Popit,, +358 50 487 3728