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Popit And Almirall Start Offering New Support Tool To Help Psoriasis Patients

The Finnish digital health startup launches together with the biopharmaceutical company focused on skin health, first in The Netherlands.


Finnish digital health startup Popit and Almirall, a global biopharmaceutical company focused on skin health have started a collaboration to provide a novel support solution for patients with psoriasis. Popit’s innovative solution is available for patients using the Skilarence® (Dimethyl fumarate) medication, used for treatment of moderate-to-severe plaque psoriasis. The solution improves medication adherence and offers support for the patient. The partnership has started with the first patients already using Popit in The Netherlands.

Psoriasis is a chronic, non-contagious skin disease with symptoms that include clearly defined red patches (“plaques”), scaly skin and often itching. It is estimated that 125 million people worldwide – or 2 to 3 % of the population – have psoriasis1. The condition has a profound impact on patients: nearly 60 % of people with psoriasis reported their disease to be a large problem in their everyday life2.

Skilarence® (Dimethyl fumarate) is a systemic treatment taken orally for psoriasis3. As with all medications, if patients are not taking it according to guidance, they also do not receive the best possible treatment outcomes. Popit helps patients stay on track with the treatment and gain access to tailor-made content on their therapy.

The innovative solution consists of a unique device that automatically tracks when a medication is taken, as well as an accompanying app that reminds only if a dose has been missed. The patient also receives useful support messages and psoriasis content tailored specifically for them. Popit has been clinically validated to significantly reduce missed doses4 and is already used by some of the largest pharmaceutical companies in the world with great results.

In the words of Francesca Wuttke, Chief Digital Officer of Almirall:

We are pleased to be collaborating with Popit to bring novel adherence and engagement solutions to patients with psoriasis. As a result of this partnership we are able to provide a new patient experience through digital psoriasis treatment to inform, educate, manage expectations, and motivate our patients. Making our medicines connected is a huge leap for patients and the industry and we’re excited to be doing it with Popit”.

Teemu Piirainen, Popit’s CEO weighs in:

There is a great need to improve medication adherence and patient support in psoriasis care. Popit can really help in this by tackling some of the most common causes for why doses are missed, which include forgetting the daily doses and insufficient awareness of how missed doses impact treatment outcomes. Additionally, the patient might face quite practical challenges with their treatment, like up-titration or predetermined changes in product strength, which may not always be easy to master. Popit supports the patient with these challenges.


About Popit:

Popit is a pioneer in improving patient adherence through smart consumer devices. The Company is dedicated to improving adherence by digitizing medication, a major opportunity that offers benefits for patients, healthcare payors and pharmaceutical companies. Popit works with the world’s leading pharmaceutical companies.

For more information, please visit popit.io


About Almirall

Almirall is a global biopharmaceutical company focused on skin health. We collaborate with scientists and healthcare professionals to address patient’s needs through science to improve their lives. Our Noble Purpose is at the core of our work: “Transform the patients’ world by helping them realize their hopes and dreams for a healthy life”. We invest in differentiated and groundbreaking medical dermatology products to bring our innovative solutions to patients in need.

The company, founded in 1943 and headquartered in Barcelona, is publically traded on the Spanish Stock Exchange and is a member of the IBEX 35 (BME: ALM). Throughout its 77-year history, Almirall has retained a strong focus on the needs of patients. Currently, Almirall has a direct presence in 21 countries and strategic agreements in over 70, through 13 subsidiaries, with about 1,800 employees. Total revenues in 2019 were 908.4 million euros.

For more information, please visit almirall.com


Almirall media contact:

Communications Agency: Tinkle
Pilar Colomer
Phone: (+34) 93 93 545 0861

Almirall Communications contact:
Francesca Wuttke

Popit Media contact: 

Timo Heikkilä
Co-founder & COO
Phone: +358 50 487 3728


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Popit Develops Research Tool for COVID-19 Treatment

The telehealth startup’s platform streamlines the global effort of finding a treatment for COVID-19.


Finnish MedTech and telehealth startup Popit has released a research extension that makes its platform an efficient tool for finding a treatment for COVID-19. The new enhancement called POPIT INSIGHTS™ provides unprecedented real-time data on how the medications being researched are taken. At the same time data quality is improved, since patients in the study take their medications more consistently thanks to Popit’s clinically validated adherence improvement impact. The new tool basically reduces missed pills and makes studies faster. Popit already has partners for the new product and is kicking off with first studies.

As the COVID-19 pandemic rages on, the world’s scientific community has come together in an exceptional way. New studies to chart out possible treatments are constantly starting. Today, on May 7th, there are nearly 800 listed COVID-19 studies either starting or already active around the globe.1

Getting patients to take the study medications in a timely manner is highly important for research success.

On average each study has over 500 patients, biggest ones having over 40 000 participants. Getting all these patients to take the study medications in a timely manner is highly important for research success – and also for the patients themselves to benefit from the treatment. Considering the gravity of the matter it is surprising that only 43% of study patients may be adherent.2 Reminding the rest of the patients to take their medications and simply having data on if those medications were actually taken or missed have not been a part of the researchers’ toolbox.

Popit is now changing that with POPIT INSIGHTS™, an extension to the company’s existing medication adherence platform already used by the world’s largest pharmaceutical companies, such as Novartis and Pfizer. The new solution offers a way to monitor how medication is being consumed, remind the patient if necessary, and gather study data remotely and in real time. On top of that the deployment is easy and quick.

The researchers were struggling with the same problems we already had a tool for.

Teemu Piirainen, Popit’s CEO explains further: “The company and our initial product were created on the foundation that we want to make medication connected. When the COVID situation escalated, we started to think of ways to refine our existing solution already used by pharma to serve the research community as well. The researchers were struggling with the same problems we already had a tool for: how to get the patient to take medications better and a sophisticated way to remotely and securely get data on if the medication was taken or not.”

First partners who sign up get the tools at a zero cost.

“It just seemed like something we had to build. And now it’s available. Anyone who is starting a medication study right now should get in touch with us. We want to contribute and the first partners who sign up get the tools at a zero cost. This is our way of pitching in and we’re already starting on different continents”, continues Piirainen.

Important request

While in some parts of the world the pandemic is starting to be more controllable, Popit requests to take extra care not to miss personal medications at this time, as up to 10% of hospitalizations are due to missing regular doses3. The admissions resulting from this poor adherence cause needless burden on the already heavily strained healthcare system. Medication can only work if it’s taken.


About Popit:

Popit is a pioneer in improving patient adherence through smart consumer devices. The Company is dedicated to improving adherence by digitizing medication, a major opportunity that offers benefits for patients, healthcare payors and pharmaceutical companies. Popit works with the world’s leading pharmaceutical companies.

Media contact: Timo Heikkilä, Co-founder

Email: timo popit io

Web: https://popit.io/popit-adherence-kit-for-medication-research/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/popitmed

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/popitmed

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/popit-ltd/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/popitmed



1. https://covid-trials.com/
2. Osterberg L, Blaschke T. N Engl J Med. 2005;353:487–97
3. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/29666309

Seedi Solutions Agency invests in Popit

Finnish startup company Popit has received a significant investment from corporate management consulting firm Seedi Solutions Agency. Popit has previously raised funding from Butterfly Ventures, business angels and Business Finland.

Novartis And Popit Enter Into International Collaboration Agreement

The Finnish startup’s platform can improve medication adherence and help engage
patients by using innovative technology


The pharmaceutical company Novartis and Finnish MedTech startup Popit have entered into an international collaboration agreement. The goal of Popit’s patient support solution to improve patient adherence and engagement. Popit’s mobile app tracks medication use through the innovative Popit Sense device, which easily clips onto a blister sheet of tablets. The startup’s cloud service sends bespoke messages to patients based on their medication habits, and in clinical trial use can collect real-time data.

Novartis, as a global healthcare company, is part of an ecosystem where digitalization is advancing fast. Collaboration with innovative health technology startups such as Popit enables new ways to provide patients with effective care faster, and more efficiently for the society. At the same time, innovation in the health sector supports economic growth and creates more exports and jobs in Finland and Europe.

Novartis has also entered into a collaboration with another Finnish startup, Precordior, to further develop heart disease detection using smart phones.

Medications are often missed

Only 30-50% of medication for chronic conditions are taken as prescribed. (1, 2)

“Medication nonadherence is a major issue in treatment of patients. Better treatment outcomes could be achieved, if medication was taken as prescribed. As a pharmaceutical company, it is very important for Novartis that the patients benefit from their medication in the best possible way, and Popit’s solution can potentially help with this,” says Antti Viitanen, Managing Director of Novartis Finland Oy. The first pilots on Popit’s technology are starting during 2019 with a focus on neurology in a number of European countries.

When the device manufactured by Popit is attached onto a medication blister, its sensors automatically detect when a tablet is taken. This information is sent to the app and to the cloud. If the tablet is not taken on time, the app reminds the patient. The intelligent cloud service automatically sends support messages based on medication consumption.

”The strength of our solution is its applicability for all kinds of medication blisters, which are the dominant form of packaging for solid drugs globally. At the same time, it does not require any changes to the packaging. It is unlike other products on the market,” says Teemu Piirainen, Popit’s CEO.

”The smart reminders and support messages have been designed to help and engage the patient during the treatment. Additionally, the technology makes it possible to gather real-time data for example in clinical trials. We are making medication connected and basically extending the Internet of Things to pills,” continues Piirainen.

Data and digital technologies can advance new treatment development

”It is in everyone’s best interest that the right patient is given the right treatment at the right time. This requires fast identification of symptoms, but also patient’s commitment to treatment,” says Antti Viitanen.

New technologies and digitalization make the development of new operational models possible. Currently, more health data is being collected and used than ever before. Utilizing it has become part of disease prevention, but it may help providing more targeted treatment to the right patients faster.

”The collaboration between Novartis and Popit is an example of how a small company from the superb Finnish startup scene can scale up to a global level with the help of an international partner. Also, the Finnish health sector growth strategy has been key in creating an ecosystem where innovations like this can thrive and increase wellbeing,” says Antti Viitanen. ”The global collaboration between Novartis and Popit stems from last year, when a group of Finnish startups together with Business Finland and the Finnish Ministry of Social Affairs and Health visited Novartis’ head office in Basel.”

About Popit

Popit is a pioneer in improving patient adherence through smart consumer devices. The Company is dedicated to improving adherence by digitizing medicine, a major opportunity that offers benefits for patients, healthcare payors and pharmaceutical companies. Popit works with the world’s leading pharmaceutical companies, like Novartis and Pfizer. Find out more at www.popit.io

About Novartis

Novartis is reimagining medicine to improve and extend people’s lives. As a leading global medicines company, we use innovative science and digital technologies to create transformative treatments in areas of great medical need. In our quest to find new medicines, we consistently rank among the world’s top companies investing in research and development. Novartis products reach more than 750 million people globally and we are finding innovative ways to expand access to our latest treatments. About 109,000 people of more than 140 nationalities work at Novartis around the world. Find out more at www.novartis.com

Media contact: Timo Heikkilä, Co-founder
Twitter: https://twitter.com/popitmed
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/popitmed
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/popit-ltd
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/popitmed


  1. https://jamanetwork.com/journals/jama/article-abstract/1690707
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Study Shows Popit Reduces Number of Missed Pills By Over 80%

Results from a clinical study highlight a significant medication adherence improvement in patients using a novel reminder solution, consisting of a pill tracker and an app. The pill reminder solution was able to reduce number of missed pills by over 80%.

Popit Raises €1.2M Seed Financing To Quantify Medication

Butterfly Ventures as the lead investor, funding used for bringing product to market

Helsinki, Finland, August 23rd 2017Popit, a Finnish startup focusing on medical technology solutions, has raised over €1.2M ($1.4M) in seed financing. The capital was raised from Butterfly Ventures with participation from six private investors and Tekes, the Finnish Funding Agency for Innovation. The funding consists of an investment and a loan, and will be used for bringing the pioneering device Popit Sense to market.

Popit Sense

Popit Sense

Popit Sense tackles medical adherence, a problem that needlessly burdens the healthcare system and leads to lives lost. The small easy-to-use device attaches to a regular pill sheet where it automatically detects with patented technology when a pill has been popped. This information is sent onto a free app that supports the treatment by tracking medication effectiveness, remaining pills and medication usage patterns. It also reminds the user or a loved one if a pill has been forgotten.

Teemu Piirainen, Popit’s CEO: “The investment will enable us to pursue our vision of quantifying medication. Like step counters track activity, we track pills and support the patient in staying on track with medical treatment. This kind of technology hasn’t been available before and it opens up exciting new possibilities. For example, caregivers to their parents will be able to see from the mobile phone if mom or dad has taken the medication. Likewise, patients will be able to see how taking medication has had an impact on wellbeing.”

Juho Risku, co-founder and partner at Butterfly Ventures explains why they invested in Popit: “The cost impact of patients not taking pills that come in blister packs is well over 100 billion dollars annually. Vast majority of these costs could be avoided by improving medication adherence. Popit’s product tackles the problem in an intuitive way. The team has done excellent and systematic work in unraveling this complex issue and I firmly believe Popit is going to take a significant share of the adherence market.

The solution will be first available for the 100 million birth control pill users. For this purpose Popit is preparing to launch a crowdfunding campaign in November. The company also sees tremendous untapped opportunity in supporting patients on chronic disease medications, where a staggering 50% of patients are not taking their medications as prescribed.

The smart pill reminder solution will be available in Q2 2018.

About Popit:

Popit is a pioneer in improving patient adherence through smart consumer devices. The Company is dedicated to improving adherence by digitizing medicine, a major opportunity that offers benefits for pharmaceutical companies and consumers alike. Popit is planning to expand support to other major medication groups like hypertension, cholesterol, type 2 diabetes and migraine pills, which combined have an addressable market of over 1 billion users. For more information like videos and product images, please visit popit.io.

Media contact:  Teemu Piirainen, CEO
Phone: +358 44 222 6666
Email: teemu ät popit.io
Web: popit.io
Twitter: https://twitter.com/popitmed
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/popitmed
Youtube: Popit Smart Pill Reminder

Popit Among Top-5 in EU eHealth Competition

Popit has qualified to be among the top-5 startups in this year’s EU eHealth Competition. The competition is held in Barcelona in conjunction with the Health2.0 event.

“Europe is currently a hotbed for digital health innovation and getting to the finals past all the competition was very difficult! Popit has an innovative solution with major impact, both of which were key criteria for the jury when deciding finalists”, says Teemu Piirainen, CEO of Popit.

The competition winners will be announced on May 3rd.

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Popit participated in the unique Tahko Ski Lift Pitch event on April 21st 2017

Popit participated in the unique Tahko Ski Lift Pitch event on April 21st. The competition was arranged at the Tahko ski resort and started off with a 3 minute pitch battle, taking place on a ski lift. Coming out victorious from the 1st round, we made it into the finals and eventually the top-6 out of 30 great startups.

M.D. Janne Sahlman, Popit’s Chief Medical officer and co-founder sheds some light into the intricacies of the competition: “It was a welcome change to pitch outdoors! It is always a challenge to describe our disruptive solution in a brief manner, but having no slides made it especially interesting. The positive feedback and recognition pushes us forward.”


The Finnish National Broadcaster YLE also was there. You can see a clip here: http://areena.yle.fi/1-4121072 (Popit appears at 0:31).

Meet us at TNW Conference on May 18-19!

Popit has been selected to participate at the TNW Conference in Amsterdam on May 18-19.

TNW is one of the biggest events for technology startups in Europe. The two-day event draws more than 15,000 attendees.

“TNW Conference is a very appropriate venue to showcase our recent achievements, and also a milestone for us as a team. We’ve gone from an idea to piloting with a major hospital in a very short time. In TNW Conference we will have exciting news to share about how our product works in a challenging clinical setting. Finally there will be a reliable solution for remembering and automatically tracking prescribed pills”, says Popit Medical Technologies’ CEO Teemu Piirainen.

Drop by our booth to say hello!


Popit Among Top-20 In Accenture HealthTech Innovation Challenge

We’re proud to announce that Popit was chosen as a top-20 startup in the Accenture HealthTech Innovation Challenge!

The jury consists of health industry experts and leaders from BUPA, Shire, Pfizer, Novartis, Eli Lilly, UCB, to name a few.

The competition received over 500 high-quality entries from all over the world and the finals will be in San Francisco on Jan 9th, 2017.

Teemu Piirainen, CEO of Popit Medical Technologies says that this is an achievement that highlights the innovativeness of Popit Sense. “There is no other similar solution on the market to track medication in push-through packages, also known as blister packs”

“Companies in healthcare understand the benefit of being able to boost medication adherence with a reusable, cost-efficient, and universally compatible device. Apps alone simply do not achieve a level of retention that would be meaningful”, says Piirainen.

Wish us luck!